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Student Dress Code

Students must wear shoes at all times. Hats, caps, hoods, non-religious head coverings, and heavy jackets are not to be worn in school. Clothing containing derogatory sayings; depicting hate speech or targeting specific groups; containing double meanings involving sexual, illegal, or violent connotations; or advertising alcohol, tobacco products, or other substances not allowed on school property are not permissible. Shirts/tops should be long enough and non-transparent so no skin nor undergarments are showing. Students should be covered at the neckline and midriff. Bottoms should be as long as mid-thigh with no undergarments showing. 

Inappropriate attire may include, but is not limited to:

  • Clothing with rips or holes,
  • Clothing with a derogatory saying or double meaning suggestive of sexual, illegal, or derogatory connotations,
  • Any clothing or accessory, including make-up and hairstyles, that draws excessive attention to an individual student,
  • Clothing that advertises alcohol, tobacco products, or other substances deemed hazardous to one's health is inappropriate,
  • Spiked garments, spiked collars, and spiked bracelets, as well as chains, are not to be worn in school.